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  • A Pythonista Debugs the Golang stdlib 19 December 2021 - startups dev

    After recounting this experience during a recent conversation I realized I'd never written it down anywhere. My memory is only getting worse from here on in, so for the sake of posterity... one of my most fun deep-dive experiences so far: the time I found a bug in the Go standard library (and/or glibc, depending on who you ask).

  • Making your work DOPE 22 November 2021 - startups management

    I’m typically wary of “personality” tests, and the whole subset of the people management / “human resources” space that’s heavily invested in them. Speaking from my own experience, the personality that others notice in me has changed substantially over the last few years. Any assessments that claim to see into a steady inner core, therefore, get a skeptical look.

  • Android Cloud-to-Device Messaging: A Story 14 April 2011 - startups dev

    A little background: at an exciting startup project, we're developing two main components -- a mobile client (a smartphone app) and a server. Currently, we've got an iOS (iPhone / iPad) client out, in a very early preview stage (more of an alpha than a beta) and we're building the Android side to match.