My online handle may be Latin (“necaris” was something I picked out of a dictionary at 13 and got used to) but my real name is actually Arabic. Raised in South Asia, I studied at an almost-American high school and moved to the UK to attend a thoroughly British university. Now working in the tech world after encounters with employment and graduate school on different continents, I travel frequently, speak three human languages (and aim to learn more), code in a half-dozen computer languages, and still love to read.


My personal section has several other pages that give a sense of who I am -- among other things there's my public blog, my CV, and some music I've listened to. Have a look at them if you really want to.

Oh, yes, and my picture - it was taken at a ball at Oxford in my first year. (Believe it or not, I don't really make a habit of walking around in full black tie ;-)). Since then I've gained a little weight and lost a little hair, but nothing else has changed.

I can be reached by e-mail here, or if you really want, by regular mail at Merton College, Oxford OX1 4JD, UK. (The college ought to forward it to my current address).