Random Stuff

A random, amusing quote from mailing-list archives:
" The Pythagorean Theorem employed 24 words, the Lord's Prayer has 66 words, Archimedes' Principle has 67 words, the 10 Commandments have 179 words, the Gettysburg Address had 286 words, the [US] Declaration of Independence had 1,300 words, and finally the European Commission's regulation on the sale of cabbage: 26,911 words."
-from the GNOME-KDE mailing list, November 2000 (thanks to Elliot Lee)

A so-called IQ test from MENSA - clearly written by a South African whose spelling leaves a bit to be desired - this Microsoft Excel worksheet is nevertheless amusing.

Did you know there are animals called quokkas and quolls? They're marsupials, apparently, along with one of my favorites, the wombat. Find out more on the WWWW.

... and this was published?? "He was as guarded as a virgin, but infinitely more experienced." - from Cathy Cash Spellman's novel An Excess of Love. Read some more at part of the Bulwer-Lytton contest.