Once upon a time, I wrote a script to log me in to Facebook and poke people back. It used PHP and cURL to do its work, and I had it log everything it did. Then the Facebook folks asked me to remove the script. You can still see what insane numbers of pokes I got up to early June 2006, but you can no longer download auto-poking software. At least, until Facebook offers a legitimate way to do it...

Full Log File || Analyze Log

Aidan Randle-Conde243
Andy Godfrey162
Anirban Chattopadhyay19
Anoushka Kenley1
Aoife Morrison3
Chris Kyriacou1
Claire Butler36
Claire Christensen113
Cyrus Razavi1
Faseeha Khan9
Hannah Scott242
Heather Mcrobie1
Helen Moir1
James Oldham56
Jess Granger2
Julia Copping4
Lee Anderson52
Leo Sloley1
Liz Ansell5
Liz-Jess Challis1
Louise McCourt4
Maria Urtseva40
Matthew Barrett1
Monique Davis15
Neil Tarrant1
Niklas Johansson-Hartley41
Nikolai Hartley52
Rachel Kennerley1
Rami Ibrahim2
Robert Bradley3
Sarah Wolff25
Shilpa Abrol1
Sonali Dash1
Tasha Amazing1
Tessa Stanley Price6
Tim Du Sautoy4
Will T2