OK, this bit is just jokes, mostly either found somewhere online or made up at the expense of some tutor. More focused than the random ramblings, but more random than anything else - (note: as this is by definition a jokes page, none of the content should be construed as serious in any way!)

Filippo Joke
Filippo and a mathematician are having a drink in a bar. The mathematician asks Filippo what he would like, and Filippo responds "A beer, please." The mathematician then asks the barman for two beers. "That's wrong," Filippo interrupts.
"I thought you wanted a beer?" the mathematician asks, puzzled.
"Yes, it should be three beers." Filippo answers.
Shrugging, the mathematician orders three beers, and soon afterwards the barman puts them in front of him. "OK," Filippo says. "That's one for you, and one for me, and... oh wait you were right."
credit for the joke goes to my so-called friend

Bad Oxford Joke
Why is Turl Street like the Church of England?
A: Because it runs from the High to the Broad, passing Jesus by on the way.
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Fairly Crap Economics Joke
Q: How many classical economists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None. If the bulb needed changing, the market would have already done it!
Told to me online

Bird Flu Joke
A gorilla, a lion and a chicken were talking in a zoo.
The gorilla said, "When I was in the forest in the mountains and I roared, all the birds in the trees listened to me!"
The lion said, "When I was in the jungle and I roared, all the animals listened to me!"
The chicken said, "I only have to cough, now, and the entire world takes notice!”
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