Pseudo-Artistic Stuff

My artistic achievements are nothing to boast about, but I have put together a couple of wallpapers and pictures that are posted here, as well as one SuperKaramba theme for anyone looking to make KDE (on Linux/*nix) look more like Mac OS X. Note: Everything here is released under the GNU FDL (see here).

Generally, click on the images and "Save Link As..." to download them

Merton College Tux (in collaboration with a so-called friend), and link to more pictures of Tux!
Isn't he cute? You may notice him on the Merton JCR website (see links) as well!

Brushed-Metal Gnu

As posted on, this is a combination of GNU art (a meditating gnu) from and a brushed-metal background I made myself. It's in 1024x768 resolution.

Brushed-Metal Tux

Again as posted on, this was taken from another wallpaper on that site and put on the brushed-metal background. As above, 1024x768.


Mac Top Bar

If you need a full screenshot, go to this page. It's a SuperKaramba theme that emulates the OS X top bar, but incorporates a taskbar. I modified it from Luis Maraud's theme (also found on, and added a configuration script (from a terminal, run "./" in its directory) that lets you set certain parameters, such as screen width, bar style, the clock, etc. All the relevant files are in the .tar.gz package. (Of course, you need SuperKaramba to use this!)

To complete the OS X look, I used the Baghira theme for KDE and KoolDock 0.3.